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Gators Parasail

Parasailing in Madeira Beach, FL

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Parasailing from Madeira Beach

Parasailers starting at $75 · Observers $20

With three 12-passenger U.S. Coast Guard inspected parasailing boats, Gators Parasail can handle your large family function or company event.

Our larger, US Coast Guard Inspected parasailing boats provide a ride that is safer, drier and more comfortable than what you’d experience on the smaller, uninspected six-passenger boats.  All of our captains are US Coast Guard licensed and our experienced crew is fully trained.

Parasailing Madeira Beach with Gators Parasail


Gators Parasail has a business license with the City of Madeira Beach and maintains full insurance on all passengers, crew, business operations, and vessels. Unlike other parasailing operations, you board our boats from the safety and convenience of our dock. No need to get in the water and climb onto the boat — this way you can stay dry the entire time.

The “Fly Zone” for your parasailing adventure is less than five minutes from our dock, so it doesn’t take long for the fun to begin.


Your Flight

Your flight begins seated on the back deck of the parasailing boat with a friend or two. In seconds, you are gently lifted into the air, enjoying the view of the Tampa Bay beaches from high above the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

For the more adventurous… tell the captain or mate you’d like to be dipped during your ride and, if conditions allow, you can get dipped from your toes to your nose! A freefall to simulate parachuting is included in your ride too.

Too soon, it seems, the captain lands you like a feather, on your feet, on the back deck of your parasailing boat.

There’s no charge for the dolphins you see while in flight or on the boat as you cruise along the white sand beaches between Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

3 thumbs up parasailing with gators parasail in madeira beach


Parking in historic John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk in Madeira Beach is available in the Street Parking Spaces and in the Central Parking Lot.  Be sure and pay at the kiosks.  You can also use the six floor Parking Garage.

John’s Pass Park Beach Lot is another easy-to-get-to parking lot with under-the-bridge access to John’s Pass.
The lot, with nearly 100 spaces, is located on the extreme south-west corner of John’s Pass. To get there, simply turn West off Gulf Blvd just at the foot of the John’s Pass Bridge on the Madeira Beach side. Be sure to pay the meters. After you park, walk east under the John’s Pass bridge, and you will be right at the West side of the Boardwalk!  Gators Parasail is near the East end of the Boardwalk.

TripAdvisor's #1 Rated Parasailing in Madeira Beach, FL

Amazing experience

"We were staying in Clearwater, however after looking on Trip Advisor and seeing that they are rated # 1, I checked out their availability and prices and understood quickly why their rating was high! Upon arriving it was a cozy environment and well organized. We went out with Kelsey and Billy, If i ever get a chance to return i would request them again. They are very engaged with their customers with making it an amazing experience from start to finish. The drive from Clearwater was worth it!"

– scruborange · TripAdvisor
Superb experience

"Went to Johns Pass on Thursday just for a look around. Ended up going out with Bryce and the other guy whose name I didn’t get at Gators Parasail. Myself and 18 year old son had the time of our lives doing this. We were out for over an hour from the boat leaving to coming back. Felt totally safe. It’s very quiet up there and you can see way past St Petes Beach. Total value for money and an incredible experience. Just want to thank Bryce for e mailing me the photos after a problem with his memory card. Great Customer service and I cannot recommend them enough. Not only a Parasail but a fast boat ride too!"

– Daza B. · TripAdvisor

"Went out with Gators at 10 AM. Three observers & three first time riders aged 10, 37 & 69. Nerves at first but as soon as we left the boat the nerves went away & it was a totally awesome experience. My 10 year grandson got to go a second time for free because there was a solo rider. I guess they don't let you go up solo. Billy & Bryce were terrific & the rough water only added to the experience. Hope to go again soon."

– 49hotrod · TripAdvisor

"I took my daughter, son and nephew parasailing for their first time. I am so happy that I chose this place! All were so nice and friendly! Kelsey (can’t remember how she spelled it) was AMAZING! She was funny and very interactive with us. She made the whole experience really fun! My son hit it off with her bc they both had similar personalities. I will definitely go back! Highly recommended!! Thank you for a great experience!"

– Terri D. · TripAdvisor